Wednesday, February 2

Here Bunny Bunny Bunny!

2011 is the year of the Rabbit!

I just realised it took me a whole month to post a new entry I am getting so lazy! Since the last post, a whole month has passed! Before i know it, Its already Lunar New Year's eve!

It had been raining quite heavily on and off for the past week! For a moment , there was a real risk that major roads in town might get flooded! :D hehehehhe. I love rainy days...I love sleeping in and lazing in bed on rainy days even more. Anyway, it was on this wonderful rainy morning while i was rotting away happily in bed that i received my first piece of good news for the year.

I had been in discussions with a couple of folks to join their team over the past month or so many fruitless rounds of all talk and no action later.... uncannily enough both chose this morning to call me to make their final offers! Yeah it does feel great to be wanted. Looks like my self imposed rest days of doing nothing are coming to a quick end :D

I have a good feeling about you Bunny Wabbit.

Enjoyed reunion dinner at my parents place today...but something was missing ...yeah Bijoux was away in Japan this year...we are short one family member... sigh

Which also means....MORE YUMMY DELICIOUS HOME COOKED FOOD FOR ME!!!!mauhahahaha!!! Mommy made her special braised duck, curry chicken, steamed promfet, hand made prawn dumplings, 5 spice powder...and this year we even had lobster bisque soup! *burp*

Yeap.. I have a good feeling about you bunny bunny bunny bunny!